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Meet Pepper, aka PeePee (short for pipiri which is greek for pepper,Ali's Holiday 406.jpg (459789 bytes) and not what she occasionally does where she shouldn't!), a totally scatty Jane Russell, who has now retired to Kefalonia where these pics were taken.  She just loves being on the beach and will swim until she tires and needs putting intoAli's Holiday 427.jpg (467809 bytes) her own little dinghy.  Despite loving the sea, like most other dogs, she hates the bath which inevitably follows and knows exactly how to use her eyes to make you feel as rotten as you possibly could.



The slightest noise, and she's off to investigateAli's Holiday 473.jpg (499999 bytes) - just in case it's something that needs chasing or chewing (or both) and she doesn't seem to care that more often than not it's a lot bigger than her, or that it's down a hole that's smaller than she is (she's often been retrieved by her tail).




May we present Lady Pogel Dyson of Tasmania.  pogel port.jpg (97854 bytes)That name may take a little explaining, but here goes.  Several years ago 'Lady' as she was then named, was being bounced from rescue home to rescue home desperate for somewhere loving and permanent.  She struck a chord with us and we took her home that day.  Trouble was, our friends took one look at her and said "she's no lady" - what could they mean?  However, they did suggest the name Pogel, as in Pogel's wood (they mistakenly thought that Pogel was the dog in this ancient TV program).

Applying the rule - "Don't name a pet anything you're too embarassed to yell", we thought this would be a great unusual name and so Pogel she has been ever since.  But......

Pogel's talent for lifting food products from carpets lead to the more obvious name of Dyson, and her manic sessions after being bathed (we still don't understand what that's all about) likened her to a Tasmanian devil.  Combine all this with her wonderfully regal and aloof look that only royalty seem to manage well, and her full, double barrelled, blue-blooded name was born;  Lady Pogel Dyson of Tasmania. 

She's also known as PogDog and will answer to many different names provided, of course, it's to her benefit.